Useful Info On Colostomy And Ostomy

colostomy medical supplies

When colostomy surgery needs to be performed, an artificial opening needs to be created from the large intestine through the skin. You can already see how intricate this medical procedure is going to be. And in order for it to be successful, the medical specialists will need to have their best colostomy medical supplies to hand. The same goes for the ostomy procedure. For the treatment of this condition, no margin of error is allowed.

During the colostomy operation, the end of the shortened colon is moved to the surface of the abdomen. This is being done in order to form the stoma. The stoma is usually located on the left hand side of the abdomen. It is moist and pinkish-red in color. No sensitive and painful sensations are experienced in the stoma. And there is no sphincter muscle in the manufactured stoma. Critically, the patient will have no control over his bowel movements and it therefore becomes necessary to wear a bag for those times when ‘he needs to go’.

Around eighty percent of required ostomy surgeries are as a result of cancer.  Ostomy makes reference to the surgery required when the patient has lost his ability to have normal function of his bowel and/or bladder. Ostomy surgery is divided into three categories, namely colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies. When the ostomy surgery is performed, the surgery specialist is creating a stoma or surgical opening through the abdominal wall.

As a result, bodily wastes can be dispersed into a container-like device attached to the stoma. The development of the stoma is both temporary and permanent. It is said that around seventy percent of people that have a stoma have had colostomy surgery. But not even twenty percent will be undergoing the ileostomy and urostomy surgical alternatives.

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