Why Medical Specialists Turning To Laser Tech

Around the time laser tech, after it had completed its vigorous round of tests (this lasted years), was tentatively being introduced to a select variety of industries over a period of decades. But not yet in the theatres of public and private hospitals, nor in the rooms of specialist medical practitioners. Motor cars, on the other hand, accompanied by seemingly self-absorbed robots (yes, artificial intelligence, or AI as it is being called today) were being manufactured through the use of laser technology.

Not only was this taking care of mass production, the quality and sophistry of motor cars were getting better and better with each passing year. And while it must have been understandable at the time that laser tech had not yet been introduced to the health services industries (after all, it was dealing with human lives), interestingly and ironically, laser technology was being used to manufacture weapons, you could just say even, weapons of mass destruction. But today, medical practitioners from around the world are utilizing surgical lasers as though it were a mere extension of their well-practiced hands.

Speaking of which, mind you, not all medical practitioners (perhaps in time, all will be) are or may utilize surgical instruments that are aided and abetted with smart laser technologies. It is an industry and health services requirement that certifications and licenses must be earned – to be placed on the walls already proudly displaying their degrees and diplomas – before any practitioner, from dental technologists to heart surgeons, can utilize the technology. But if beauticians (and this in no way belittles their work) can already be using laser powered devices, then so can qualified and seasoned medical practitioners.

surgical lasers

There are just so many advantages for its use that it simply cannot be ignored.  

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